Mike Miller Financial

Business Lending

Quality Commercial-Finance Services

When looking for the finest brokerage services in the region, you only need to visit Knoxville, TN. We are dedicated to providing you with the financial services your company needs to not only survive, but to expand and thrive during these economic times. We can help you navigate your project finances and get you to the finish line finding the perfect lender for your project.

Asset based, commercial real estate, oil and gas projects, renewable energy, hard money are some the areas we handle. We also finance mezzanine venture capital and debt equity, as well as business acquisitions and expansions.

When you come to us, be prepared to have doors opened for you and your company that you could not conceive of in the past. Everything from financing new commercial property to taking advantage of the precious gems and metals market is on the table, putting opportunities for profit well within reach.

Project Financing

We represent many direct lenders, private lenders, investors, insurance companies, banks, and investment companies.

We create custom funding packages for financing US and international projects. $25 million USD is the minimum for financing.

Types of financing we offer:
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commercial real estate
  • Bridge and Hard money
  • Working capital
  • Asset based lending
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Cross Border, multi-district Financing
  • Debt, equity, mezzanine, joint venture
  • Business Acquisition Financing

Accounts Receivable & Contract Financing

We have access to many comprehensive funding solutions for any small Business in need of working capital.

We work with different businesses types, from startups to large corporations.

  • Working capital solutions
  • Accounts receivable factoring
  • Asset based lending
  • Purchase order finance
  • Government contract finance & receivables
  • Export trade finance
  • Unsecured loans for small businesses

Factoring Solutions

We have strategic alliances with factoring companies in the following areas:

  • Construction, including Bonded
  • Consumer Receivables
  • Manufacturing
  • Import / Export Trade
  • International
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Government Receivables
  • Food and Produce
  • Oil and Gas
  • Trucking

Bank Guarantee Program

Mike Miller Financial is a leading financial instrument provider. Through our bank guarantee program, we partner with the top 20 banks in America and Europe to provide and monetize bank guarantees, proof of funds, and letters of credit.

  • We work through top-20 world banks
  • We can process the bank guarantee and monetize within 30 days.
  • All funds are 100% protected!
  • No restriction on use of Funds.
  • 100% non-recourse and with many programs there is no credit check!

Non-recourse funding for $100 Million USD

  • No upfront fees!
  • No deposit required!
  • We are arranging 100% financing based on the client's POF ($12M USD minimum).
  • This will require bank-to-bank verification.
  • POF Money does not leave the account nor get encumbered or have a hold placed on it.
  • Based on a $12M POF the client can expect to receive approximately a $100M non-recourse loan in 60 days.

General guidelines

1) A bank statement showing a minimum balance >$12M USD, no more than 3 banking days old. The copy must be signed by a bank official stating this is a true and valid copy of their bank statement. The funds may belong to an investor, but we will then need documentation showing the arrangement between the client and the owner of the funds.

2) Information about client's project requiring the funding, including: the amount needed, a business plan; and a description of the use of loan funds.

3) Once we receive banker-signed bank statement and information about the project, we will arrange a conference call with the client to go over the program and answer any questions they have.

4) Later, the client will need to assist in arranging bank-to-bank confirmation of the proof of funds.