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Investing in Gold

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With the current volatility in the stock and bond markets, many investors are turning to gold. One reason to invest in gold is because when you add gold and other commodities to your investment portfolio, the market’s ups and downs can be smoothed out. Because gold’s price has gone down in recent months, gold is more affordable than it was a few years ago and many gold investors anticipate an upswing in the precious metal’s price.

At MJM Consulting of Knoxville, TN, we connect qualified commodity buyers and sellers with the financing needed to successfully conclude the transaction. With our team you will be able to quickly obtain the best financing tool for your specific situation. If you’re interested in gold, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

Fair Pricing
We never charge upfront fees.

Commodities We Handle

We offer fair and competitive pricing on:

  • Rough Diamonds, and
  • Gold

The Best Deal Possible

Our team has the experience and connections needed to quickly and accurately determine the true value of your commodities. With this information we are able to offer you the best possible financing terms for any hard asset or venture. Our group is part of the Brinks Global Network.